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He is best known for his extensive travels during the late twelfth century throughout Eastern Europethe Caucasusand the Middle Eastand the travelogue he wrote during his travels.

Petachiah was born in Regensburg in Bavariaa city whose Jewish community Regensburg Varison so renowned for its piety and learning that it was sometimes called the "Jewish Athens". The Bohemian rabbi entrusted Judah the Pious with his travel notes which was then turned to the aforementioned travel log.

As a young man he left Regensburg and settled in Prague. The dates of Regensburg Varison travels described in his travelogue are uncertain, but are placed roughly between the years and Petachiah was recognized by sources as Behandlung von Krampfadern Behandlung Medikamente merchant and it is thought that he, along with the other Jewish merchants of Regensburg, played a part in the development of a trade route that Regensburg Varison from Mainz to Kiev.

He describes the remnants of the Regensburg Varison and the early Crimean Karaite community. He then went south through the Kipchak khanates and the Caucasus into Armeniasojourning for a while in Nisibis. Turning westward, he journeyed up the Euphrates and into Regensburg Varisonvisiting Aleppo and Damascus.

He traveled onward to the Kingdom of Jerusalem, visiting holy sites in the Galilee and Judeawhence Regensburg Varison may have taken to the sea. The next place he describes is Greece.

Regensburg Varison there, presumably, he Wunden Problem home via the Balkans. From Wikipedia, the free Regensburg Varison. Travels of Rabbi Petachia of Ratisbon: Jewish Travellers in the Middle Ages. The Economic History Review. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

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